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Koroshite yaru.... by tinypaint
Mature content
Koroshite yaru.... :icontinypaint:tinypaint 665 23
Kerosene by Kuvshinov-Ilya Kerosene :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 6,264 124
Haiba Lev/Reader - Lost in Translation
Haiba Lev never planned on such an occurrence happening when he decided to join the Nekoma volleyball club, but he wasn’t arguing with it now that it had. What was meant to be a fun and potentially constructive way to burn his excess energy quickly turned into much more than that, if only so he could get you to just look his way.
Luck might have had it that the day he decided to join, you, too, were there, handing in your form that would assign you as the new first year manager. You were short and pretty, with a cute smile on your lips and a natural flush to your cheeks that made him want to linger closer, to look at you a little longer.
He was sure fate was on his side when rather than being intimidated by his height, you still talked to him normally, easily introducing yourself instead of shuffling away, and that you weren’t put off by his overly energetic babbling about how he was going to be the team’s ace. You encouraged him and told him that whatever you could d
:iconfooboo24:fooboo24 266 47
this, this, and that. | kisumi shigino
"Didn't I tell you to be more careful? Honestly, you're too reckless.." You muttered, wrapping the bandage around his wrist as Kisumi kept quiet; watching your moves with a soft, gentle, smile etched on his lips. Kisumi had (stupidly) yet again injured himself playing basketball despite the fact that you told him to be more careful countless of times. But of course, knowing that it was Kisumi, he would never listen. You sighed and clipped the bandages together. "There. All good."
"You should be my nurse," He points out, checking if the bandages were secured enough. "You always take care of me."
"Well, if you aren't going to take care of yourself, then who is?" You snorted, placing the first aid kit back on the table and leaving it there. It was a good thing that his injury wasn't anything severe, you noted to yourself. That would have been very troublesome for not only him, but to you as well. It always worried you when he hurt himself. Kisumi just doesn't know how to take things safel
:iconshoujodere:shoujodere 231 12
B-1080 - Hacker!Rin x Reader {Drabble}
"How long?"
Your faces were illuminated, shadows cast behind you in the bright light from his laptop. You leaned over the back of the couch to get a closer look at the constant stream of software information, regulations of the content, and firewall inscriptions racing around the screen in green numbers or letters. Your eyes flashed across them as they continued to build, narrowing them as the speed began to mount.
"As soon as they open the application."
Rin angled his head slightly, just catching sight of your face as it twisted into an annoyed snarl. He chuckled at your impatience, then turned back to gaze seriously at his laptop.
The screen suddenly went blank white, temporarily blinding you both. You groaned and rubbed at your eyes, but a smile had already planted itself on your lips. Your sight returned, revealing a multitude of documents littering Rin's desktop.
"And we're in," he uttered darkly, a sinister grin finding it's way onto his mouth as well. You draped your arms around
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 191 13
Cat People- Kozume Kenma
The door jingled, alerting you of a customer's entry.  You rushed out of the back room carrying several bags of coffee beans and tea leaves.  A couple cats weaved through your legs, purring loudly as they rubbed themselves against your black stockings.  You sighed a little, you didn’t know why black tights were part of the uniform, the immense amount of cat hair was a pain to get rid of at the end of the night.  Setting the bags down on the counter, you quickly washed your hands and turned to the front counter.  
“Welcome!” you chirped brightly.  It wasn't until you looked up from drying your hands that you realised no one was standing at the register.  Confused and a little frightened, you stood on your tiptoes to peer over the edge and around the seemingly empty cafe.  It was a slow day and this was the first time the bell had rung during your entire shift.  You shrugged it off, chalking it up to your imagination when you
:iconcreepofish:Creepofish 171 4
Blackout and Experience [Sugawara Koushi X Reader]
Not that it was unusual, but Sugawara was walking you home after a date. The stars were already like diamonds high at the night blue sky. You were always happy to go out with him, and it made you smile if he could walk you home during a clear night full of stars. Your fingers were crossing with his, forming a ball of flesh which happen to be both of your hands. It was not very cold, but the cool gave you some goose bumps.
„Are you cold?“ His voice seemed like a soft whisper, and you answered with a nod. Both of you didn't want to let go of the other’s hand, so Sugawara twirled you around like you were dancing. You found yourself in his arms, and he was kind of hugging you from behind. You felt his warm breath on your skin, and his body with yours. „Better?“ He asked. „Yeah, now the problem is that we cannot really walk.“ You giggled as he seemed a bit confused about what you said. „Eh… Right. I better walk you home now, so you wont
:icongremoria:Gremoria 86 9
Dense | Kageyama Tobio x Reader
Indeed, this is not your brightest decision.
Or maybe he’s just a bit too dense for you.
Eyes still closed, a deep sigh pushed its way out of you while the back of your head throbbed. You remained still, the light passing thru your lids dimming as the Karasuno boys huddled around you.
"[y/n]! [y/n]! Are you alright?!" Nishinoya gripped your shoulder, shaking you lightly.
"Oi, Hinata! I’ve told you not to get too excited didn’t I?" You heard Ryu say, and you could only imagine Hinata squirm at his villanious glare.
"H-hey calm down everyone, I think she’s just fine. Just give her some air." Sugawara told them, at which they moved back, letting the light grow brighter again.
You smiled internally, heart warmed by the concern received from the boys. Despite being knocked down, credits to Hinata’s spike, you seem okay, you think, the pain on your head fading steadily.
Besides, it’s your fault anyway. 
:iconjeneru:jeneru 201 15
emoticons [tsukishima kei x reader]
Tsukishima was zipped up in his winter coat with a giant girly scarf wrapped around his neck. It didn't match him one bit. If Hinata and Tanaka were around, they'd have to restrain themselves from laughing like idiots. Funny thing was, the blonde middle blocker didn't even know it wasn't his scarf.
His phone beeped. As he checked his phone, he mentally prayed that you—his cute, little girlfriend—weren't angry. Just thinking about you yapping your mouth all night gave him a pre-headache.
From: My dear [Name] ♥
To: Tsukki Is Bae (ી(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)
tsukki tsukki. i've been outside for 8584155174 years. where are u? i'm cooooollddd.
are u still at practice?? (´∩`。)
He facepalmed at the nicknames you had set the contact information to. He could never forgive himself for letting you pick out such horrible names. Of course, he could rename it if he wanted to, but he didn't have the guts. He kin
:iconokumurachanchan:okumurachanchan 631 55
my kouhai is so cute! | konoha akinori
Konoha Akinori was sitting besides you, and you had no idea why.
It's not that you felt uncomfortable or anything--actually, scratch that. You actually did feel uncomfortable, but you decided to stay silent and focus your attention back onto your novel. At first, you thought that he was just sitting down to relax or some sorts, so you left him alone. And that's when you felt his eyes fixated intently on you. You started to grow nervous and uncomfortable, and you had the overwhelming urge to leave but your body wouldn't move.
"Um.." That's right, [Name]. Just stay calm. "Konoha-senpai.. It's not that I don't hate your company or anything.. I really don't! But.." You quickly averted your eyes away from his face to avoid any contact looking at him. The last thing you wanted was for your oh-so-great senpai to look at your flustered red face. "..but... May I ask what you're doing?"
"Oh, nothing," he replies. "Just wanted to see you, I guess."
'What the hell's that suppose t
:iconshoujodere:shoujodere 152 13
you're too cute. | futakuchi kenji
D-Don't say embarrassing things like that, Kenji!
Aha, sorry! You're just too cute!
"[Name]-chi!" you jump at the sudden yell; thankfully, you didn't drop your food (otherwise it would have been a total waste of money). Futakuchi grins at the sight of you and snakes his arms around your waist from behind, placing small chaste kisses on your cheeks. Your face turns into a deep shade of red and you tried to tell him to get off of you (although stutters only came out of your lips as you attempted to tell him to remove himself off of you).
"I've been looking everywhere for you!" he says. He didn't want to remove himself off of you — he wanted to continue touching you, and holding you in his arms, feeling your warmth. And so, he held you tight, pulling you closer to him — not wanting to let you go. He rests his head on your shoulder, and he could see the colours of pink and red that covered your face. He smiled, "Why are you eati
:iconshoujodere:shoujodere 225 16
'The Visitor' - [Jean x Mermaid!Reader] - Part 3
---'The Visitor': Jean x Mermaid!Reader: Part 3---
Putting it delicately, Jaeger and I have never experienced the joy of being on the same wavelength with one other. More often than not, our sporadic 'disagreements' tend to end up in bruises and bloodshed, though I'll admit I'm not much better than him at keeping a reign on my temper. I’d also be lying if I said Mikasa didn't have anything to do with it. It's petty and childish, I know. But it irks me to no end the amount of attention she gives him that he neither appreciates nor deserves. The little shitwad.
But more than anything else, it's his incessant rage against the fabled merfolk that's kept me on edge whenever he's around. And goddamn, when that kid gets angry, you'd be downright crazy to stay in his way. Standing in front of a charging bull would be a far safer idea.
Yet here I am, barring his path while he stares me down with an accusing glare. His knuckles are ghost-white upon the wooden baseball bat. It looks
:iconcherrypikkins:cherrypikkins 156 114
Mt. Kuroo (Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader)
It was a jet black and spiky abomination that spanned at least ten centimeters tall, which blocked everything from its path. Your finger tapped impatiently against the wooden desk…yet another year of sitting behind this thing.
The start of your second year in high school began with the usual. In other words, you were assigned to sit behind a certain someone who didn’t have the decency to brush his hair in the morning. To sum it all up in two words, Kuroo Tetsurou.
The volleyball player who you were cursing in your mind cranked his head to meet your eyes with a lazy grin.
“Ah, (Name)-chan! We’re going to be seatmates again. How was your summer?”
You leaned forward and flicked his forehead with an annoyed sigh. “Don’t get so familiar with me.” You shot back with clear distaste at his use of your first name. “I can never seem to get rid of your stupid face every year, huh.”
“You say the same thing every year b
:iconninjinjan:NinJinJan 265 14
Soft (Oikawa Tooru x Reader)
The bell sounded in the classroom, signaling lunchtime, and everyone’s shoulders visibly relaxed. It was about time for them to be free from the evils of math formulas and numbers, oh how scary they were. Desks were being rearranged and students ran around the halls, desperate to be the first to reach the cafeteria.
Unlike the others, you weren’t quite nuisance-free yet.
From your bag, you produced a perfect, homemade bentō. The pale blue lid was lifted up to reveal the lunch that you made this morning. Slices of cucumbers laid in one section while a serving of rice covered most of the surface area along with some leftovers from last night’s dinner. It was perfect, considering the fact that you spent ten minutes throwing this together before running out of the house late.
Either way, back to your current predicament.
“(Name)-chaaaaaaaan~” A male’s voice greeted you from behind as your vision was shrouded by a pair of hands. As if on cue, you cou
:iconninjinjan:NinJinJan 652 40
hanaemi. | akaashi keiji
"Is it okay if I draw you?"
Akaashi blinks, stares, and says nothing. His dark charcoal eyes were fixated on you as you look back at him with an innocent smile, and he starts wondering why you wanted to draw him. It wasn't everyday that a person comes to him and asks if they could draw him. No, this was actually the first time this happened, and he isn't really sure how to respond. But as he continues to look at that small, cute, and innocent smile of yours, he couldn't bring himself to say no. And so, he nods his head.
The smile still embed on your face, you sit him down on a stool and you quickly grab for your sketchbook and a pencil from your bag, and you observe his face for a moment. You then start drawing, and all Akaashi could hear was the sound of your pencil moving across from your thick sketchbook paper. He stays like this until he starts noticing that his body was going stiff - his neck, his back, but he didn't want to distract you from drawing. Carefully, he looks aw
:iconshoujodere:shoujodere 252 25



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